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InputHtmlFormControlType Enumeration

Indicates the type of HTML control.

Namespace:  NScrape.Forms
Assembly:  NScrape (in NScrape.dll) Version:
public enum InputHtmlFormControlType
  Member nameValueDescription
Button0 Client-side button.
CheckBox1 Checkbox.
File2 File selection control.
Hidden3 Hidden text field.
Image4 Image.
Password5 Password text field.
Radio6 Radio button.
Reset7 Form reset button.
Submit8 Form submission button.
Text9 Text input field.
Color10 Color.
Date11 Date.
DateTime12 Date/time.
DateTimeLocal13 Local date/time (no time zone information).
Email14 Email address.
Month15 Month.
Number16 Number.
Range17 Range of values.
Search18 Search box.
Tel19 Telephone number.
Time20 Time.
Url21 URL.
Week22 Week.
Unknown23 Unknown control type.
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